Magic Ice – Istanbul/Turkey

I was intrigued when I first heard about one of Istanbul’s latest attractions: an ice museum because that’s one of the last things you would associate with a city in a generally hot country. In fact, the ice museum which opened its doors in April 2010 is the only one in Europe created in a warm country. Given that it’s  summer and very hot in Istanbul, I thought what better way to cool off than having a look at Magic Ice.

Located in FORUM Istanbul, one of the city’s most fashionable shopping malls, a visit to the ice museum is a brilliant choice. Apart from the show, history and exhibits, the museum is open every day of the week, whereas many other museums and historical places in Istanbul are closed on Mondays. So, why not combine a Monday looking at ice sculptures with doing some shopping – window or otherwise – in the pleasant surroundings of FORUM Istanbul. The FORUM is easily reached because it has a separate stop on the METRO (clearly indicated) and is located close to the Central Bus station  in Bayrampasha.

Forum shpping mall

Well protected against frost bite

Entering the forum from the Metro stop, you descend two floors and find the entrance to Magic Ice right opposite the escalator. Admission is TYL 20 and then the fun begins , because first you have to dress up. You are given an ice blue, protective, hooded  cape with gloves dangling from the collar to put on over your clothes to protect you from the freezing temperatures which are needed to preserve the art behind the ice tunnel. Very fetching outfit, I think.

You can't miss it.

Then you delve into the blue lighted world of ice, walking between semi transparent walls with elaborate lamps over head. The theme of the museum is based on the history of the voyage of the Vikings to Istanbul in 880 and the story is etched into sheets of ice, thankfully in Turkish and English. You can admire an entire Viking boat, a house, an elk and, of course a Viking and read the story of one of the warriors by the name of Halvan who visited the Hagia Sofia and etched his name in runes into one of the walls.

At the end of the walk an ice bar awaits and you are offered a drink in a glass made from ice. That’s when you need to gloves, so your fingers won’t freeze off. A fabulous chandelier made from ice hangs over the bar.

Finish off at the ice bar

Take off your cape and visit the museum shop. Plenty of carved Vikings are in evidence but the souvenirs  I liked best are glass enclosed replicas of some of the exhibits in the museum.

Some trinkets from the museum shop

Then, if you like, go to the upper floors of the shopping mall, have a snack and enjoy two bookshops where you can get a great selection of English language books, something not easy to come by in Turkey outside of Istanbul .Or else, stock up on any imaginable brand of international cosmetics and browse the displays of designer shops as well as more affordable but very chic local creations.

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5 Responses to Magic Ice – Istanbul/Turkey

  1. Omg this museum is so cool! Has anyone tried to lick the walls of the museum? XDD

  2. allnight3 says:

    Ha, ha, not whilst I was there!

  3. Ruth Kozak says:

    Yay! I got into wordpress by resetting my password. I love your new museum blog and look forward to reading lots more of your museum adventures. As you know I love haunting museums!

  4. courtmroch says:

    WHOA! I did a double take when I read Ice Museum in Istanbul. I didn’t know there was such a thing there. SO cool! (Literally and figuratively.) Every year they get an ICE! exhibit here in Nashville at the Grand Ole Opry for the holidays. The theme is different every year, but the sculptures are magnificent and they always have some ice slides. (Which the kid in me loves!) You look so cute in your ice coat, btw.

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