Archaeology Museum Antalya/Turkey

Some museums just cast a spell over you the very moment you set foot inside. It’s not only because of the exhibits you have come to see, but also because the building as such has been devised in a way which holds your attention. Antalya’s Archaeology  Museum is such a magic place.

Founded in 1922 by Süleyman Fikri Erten, a teacher who wanted to protect priceless artifacts rescued from the looting of the region in the south of Turkey after WWI, the museum was first housed in the Alaaddin Mosque in the Kaleici, the historical center of Antalya. Since 1972, it’s located in the current building  in Konyaalti, right at the end of the tramline to the beach of the same name.

Konyaalti Beach

The museum comprises 14 exhibition halls and includes an open air gallery where the very best artifacts and statues from the ancient cultures of Lycia, Pamphylia,  Psidia and Perge  have found a home. What catches the eye though is not only the size and beauty of many of the statzues, but the design of the exhibition rooms.

The walls are painted either dark green or burgundy red and the spot lights have been so cleverly placed, that they cats long shadows of the  statues which seem to bring them to life. It’s an experience which makes it difficult to tear yourself away.

Downstairs near the entrance is a room dedicated to explain history to kids. It’s delightful and a splendid idea.

Kids' room

Local culture downsized for kids

Address: Konyalalti Cad. 1

Open daily from 9am to 7pm, closed on Mondays

Admission: 15 TYL




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4 Responses to Archaeology Museum Antalya/Turkey

  1. byahengbarok says:

    i’ve always been fascinated with archeology. if i ever get the chance to go there, i’d probably spend 1 full day there 🙂

  2. cmroch says:

    Not sure this went through so I’m posting it again… If it’s a duplicate…Sorry!

    OH! I remember you covering this on your other blog, but I’m glad to find it here as well because I wasn’t sure if this was in Antalya or not. My husband is desperate to get back to Turkey and he really wants to do to this area. I’d love to also, and when we do I’d really love to see this museum

  3. Ayngelina says:

    It seems like there is such a strong museum culture in Turkey, great shots here.

  4. allnight3 says:

    Plenty of museums in Turkey, of all kinds.

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