Münchner Residenz/Germany

I love museums, from small and quirky to big and majestic, but if I happen upon one which is or was also a palace, so much the better. My imagination can fly and I can evoke before my eyes the image of kings, queens and noble men who once filled these ornate rooms with life, celebrated, ate, slept, conversed and plotted, surrounded by treasures they had accumulated over the centuries.

Munch’s Residenz fits the bill to a T. With a reputation as one of Europe’s finest palace museums, surrounded by fabulous gardens which invite to a stroll and, as I did, visited on a Bavarian summer day with blue skies and white clouds, it’s quite a fairy tale way of spending a day in Munich.

Munich Residenz served as a seat of government from 1508 to 1918, mainly for the kings of the Wittelsbach Dynastie. They were all avid collectors and, over the centuries, accumulated works of art and jewelry which, since 1920, are open to the public to admire. The style of the many rooms ranges from  Renaissance to Baroque, Rococo and the neo classical era. The Residenz suffered huge damage during WWII, but luckily has been restored and many works of art have survived.

Highlight and center piece is the treasury. Upon purchase of your ticket, you have to check in everything which exceeds a tiny purse, but then you are left pretty much to your own devices to wander around and get close to crowns, jewelry and objects fashioned from gold and silver.

The Residenz museum is an incredible array of ‘Prunksäle’. Wander through the Kurfürstensaal, the Kaisersaal and the Reiche Kapelle and pay a visit to the Cuvillies Theatre.

The Münchner Residenz is best entered through the Hofgarten, located in close proximity  Odeonsplatz and Prinzregentenstrasse.

The museum is open daily from 9am to 6pm.

Admission is EUROS 7 each for the museum and the treasury or EUROS 11 a combination ticket.

Afterwards, enjoy a stroll through the Hofgarten.





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2 Responses to Münchner Residenz/Germany

  1. Even though I’ve been through many times, I realize how little I’ve actually seen in Munchen. Making a list for next time…

  2. Emme Rogers says:

    Wow! I’d hate to know the appraisal on those jewels.

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