Welcome, fellow museum enthusiasts.

I am Inka, also known as lilypond or the glamour granny, depending on where I write. I currently live between Turkey and Miami and spend my days traveling the world. And, of course, to write about my adventures and experiences. Being ‘of a certain age’, I love my creature comforts and to go about my travel in style. No backpack or hostels for me.

My passion are art, history and culture and as soon as I see a museum, it ineveitavly calls out to me. I can’t resist, I have to go and see. This urge has lead to the most marvellous discoveries, because there is nothing people won’t collect. Many museums are based on private collections, these I call the ‘live in’ museums, as opposed to – say – the British Museum or the Louvre, which I call ‘don’t touch’. Both kinds are equally fascinating.

My other blog is called www.glamourgrannytravels.com, where I write about my forrays with emphasis on the Middle East.

My articles have been published in many magazines, online and a few print too. For a complete list, please visit www.glamourgrannytravels/publications.

You’ll also find links to my novels and guide books on the above page.

Enjoy the museums of the world.

Visiting 'Magic Ice', ice museum in Istanbul/Turkey

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  1. Blog about museums. Hm… very good idea.

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